Mailbox: PTMC – Infrared System

Forward-thinking electro from Boorloo/Perth-based PTMC (real name Peter McAvan). “Infrared System” strikes a nice balance between clattering percussion and 30,000ft atmosphere. It’s the B-side of a new two-tracker he just released on Midnight Elevator, a label that’s worth paying attention to (it’s also run by PTMC). Midnight Elevator only started releasing in 2020 and seems exclusively focused on artists from the Boorloo area. Building community like that is always commendable and important, but it’s impressive that as a curator PTMC has nonetheless been able to keep the label’s stylistic range narrow enough to give it a distinct sound. I suggest checking out the rest of the catalog.

I’ve also included two tracks from PTMC’s last record, which came out on Midnight Elevator earlier in the year, also really worth checking.

Grab “Infrared System” on bandcamp, or stream it wherever you do your stream shopping.

PTMC – “Infrared System” (sc)

PTMC – “Mutant Hardcore” (sc)

PTMC – “Music For Clubb Kids” (sc)


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