Mailbox: MangoMangoMango – Body

I’m having a great time. I’m in love with my body.

MangoMangoMango is Chicago-based Tanner Uselmann. After years of playing guitar in bands in Minneapolis, his move to Chicago was accompanied by a shift towards self-produced electronic music. (Chicago’s a good place for that.) He released his first record as MangoMangoMango in 2021, but this one is the first from a new batch of songs he’s getting ready to release in 2024. I know we tend towards the darker on this site, but there’s always room for this kind of self affirmation. It’s hard to love yourself. But bodies are just as fucking cool and gorgeous as they can be woefully complicated, and that should be celebrated. Apropos, my two-year-old daughter Iris told me today: “Iris loves Iris,” and I couldn’t have been prouder.

Grab “Body” for free on bandcamp, or stream it wherever. And look out for more from Uselmann in the new year.

MangoMangoMango – Body (bc)


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