Mailbox: JUICY – g pas l’argent

Second time this week I’ve posted music from Belgium. I told you that country doesn’t get enough shine for its music.

This time it’s from JUICY, a pair of classically trained musicians making really compelling pop music and doing their best to subvert genre expectations. This song is from the recently released Cruelles Formes EP, produced in collaboration with equally talented countrymen ECHT!.

My French isn’t as sharp as it should be, and JUICY definitely embrace a certain lyrical expressionism and abstraction in some of their music, but I get the gist. I don’t have enough money either. Can someone explain to me what they might mean by: “rrrjrsfmr jrahtogpb” though?

No bandcamp for this, but you can stream it all over.

JUICY – “g pas l’argent” (sc)


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