Mailbox: ELIS – Saint

You may have noticed some of the harder sounds of yesteryear’s Palms Out showing up here and there again on the site. I promised some of this last year, but it felt a bit forced at the time. Now, raising a toddler, navigating an ever more demanding dayjob, and feeling generally stretched at the seams somehow has me getting energized again by big pulsing basslines, sharp punchy drums, and neat little energy-building devices (yes, drops, but you know, other similar tension-creating details too). All these are all present on this heater of a track by Puerto Rican producer ELIS. I don’t gig anymore, but I expect this would blow up the right floor.

Unfortunately there’s no bandcamp for this, but thankfully ELIS was kind enough to let me share the 320 with all you DJs. And for those of you not planning on playing it out, who just like dancing at home, stream it at your outlet of choice.

ELIS – “Saint” (mp3)


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