Lemfreck – After

Caught me falling, that’s not fair
I’ll move on, just tell me where

Lemfreck (stylized as L E M F R E C K, real name Lemarl Freckleton) is a welsh singer, rapper, and producer from the city of Newport. His most recent album, Blood, Sweat, & Fears is really lovely. It might be fair to characterize Lemfreck’s sound as somewhere between a Sampha croon and the uniformly international modern sound that pervades rap and rnb these days, but all with a slightly naive underproduced quality, and a pinch of welsh grey-sky gloom. That might be too convoluted a description for music that doesn’t need to be overcomplicated to get its point across. Notwithstanding a few harder rap tunes, the album is largely romantic, wistful, and yearning music. I’m feeling that way myself these days, so this hits the spot. No bandcamp for this one, so find it on streaming.

I should also mention, Lemfreck recently fronted the BBC documentary program Black Music Wales, which explores the often-overlooked history of welsh Black music, and introduces some of the new generation (of which he is a part). It sounds totally fascinating, but unfortunately I can’t overcome the geo-blocking to get to watch it. If you’re in the UK, or you’ve got a better VPN than I, give it a watch.

Lemfreck – After (sc)

Lemfreck – “Play with Silver” (sc)

Lemfreck – “Death by Nyash” ft. Manga Saint Hilare (sc)


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