zero dB – A Pompa Girou (Austin Ato Remix)

Old friend of the blog, Colin Bailey–most commonly known as Austin Ato, but previously best known to Palms Out partygoers as Drums of Death–recently did a great revamp of a seminal Latin broken beat tune by zero dB that came out on Ninjatune in 2006, arguably the tail end of that label’s golden era. Bailey keeps intact the spirit of the original, including the left-handed piano line that leads its rhythm, but he beefs up the bottom end and sharpens its edges, bringing the tune into more modern and accessible dancefloor territory.

Out now for streaming all over the place on Tru Thoughts — or grab it on bandcamp.

zero dB – “A Pompa Girou (Austin Ato Remix)” (bc)

Also, for good measure, here’s a phenomenal cut from Bailey’s Sensitive Techno for Today’s Shut-ins, a record that Colin put out about six months into lockdown that flew a bit under the radar–undeservedly–and I keep meaning to post about it. Check that one on bandcamp on LA-based label Fantastic Voyage.

Austin Ato – “Utal Viola” (bc)


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