Xtasy Breakbeat Additions

I add so many good songs to all our Spotify playlists that I don’t end up having the time to properly feature on the blog, so I thought I’d start a simple new feature where I post a handful of recently playlisted songs. Many of these will probably end up as euphoric breakbeat appreciation posts, but honestly, have you met me?

There’s way more like this on our Xtasy Breakbeats for Emotive Nostalgia playlist. Give it a follow.

2 Bad Mice – “Gone Too Soon” (Sully Remix) (sc)

Solitary Dancer – “Will You Meet Me?” (sc)

ENiGMA Dubz – “Haven” (sc)

Brogan Bentley – “Hollow” (bc)

Bored Lord – “I Was Present for All of It” (bc)

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