Ubahnrider – Vehicular Inspection

The next premiere from End Broken Windows Vol.1 comes from Köln-based Ubahnrider. When I came up with the concept of a charity compilation inspired by the subway system, there was no one more appropriate to involve than Ubahnrider. I mean, his name is already perfect for the project, but more importantly, his musical output is always great. What resulted was a wonderful song that gives me the feeling of being two stops from home, simultaneously ready to wind down from whatever I’ve been contemplating on my long commute to gearing myself up to make the last stretch of a walk to my house. Electric Shapes was kind enough to premiere this song.

End Broken Windows Vol.1 is out now. You can stream it wherever, and order the limited edition cassettes on bandcamp. All proceeds go to the SBB National Sex Worker Bail Fund.

Ubahnrider – “Vehicular Inspection” (from End Broken Windows Vol.1)


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