Taut – Eternity Behind the Veil

I’ve written about Taut (real name Jacob Bergson) before. The song I wrote about last time, “Prime”, became a favorite of mine this past year. At the time Bergson initially sent it over, it was just a single with a B-side. But since then, it was included on a six-song EP, Polarity. Also on the record is this beautiful new song, “Eternity Behind the Veil”, which I suspect will get just as much airtime in my home as did that last one.

Bergson’s nom de plume is really appropriate — he has a knack for writing songs with tight and tense structures, and he shapes drums and synths that have the quality of an outstretched rubber band.

I’d be surprised if Kraftwerk didn’t play some formative role in Bergson’s musical upbringing. “Eternity Behind the Veil” is romantic and robotic simultaneously, a machine love song that I think the grandfather robots would approve of.

Grab Polarity now on bandcamp, or wade into the stream for it.

Taut – “Eternity Behind the Veil” (sc)


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