Silky, Acidic, Lofi House Additions

I’m always adding lots of good stuff to our Silky, Acidic, Lofi House playlist. I figured I should point out a few recent additions here, in case you haven’t followed the playlist yet. (Do that though, for real).

Concrete house meets the seaside, from Brooklyn lofi prince Tlim Shug.

Tlim Shug – “Surf Dude” (2015)

Modern day classic from DJCJ on the venerable Craigie Knowes.

DJCJ – “SK” (2017)

Emotive Los Angeles house from JERMS. “At what age did you start getting mixed up in the street shit? Shit, I’d say about.. my whole life, really.”

JERMS – “Will You Still Care” (2022)

Firey minimalist vocal house from Girl Unit alter-ego Hysterics, featuring Kristian Hamilton.

Hysterics – “Liked You” ft. Kristian Hamilton (2020)

Check some of the other playlists too, while you’re at it.


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