MIKRO.MONO – Rituals / Habits

MIKRO.MONO is an artist from Poland. The first thing that struck me about MIKRO.MONO’s music is the atypical work he’s doing with panning in the stereo image. This is a touch ironic, given the second half of the artist’s handle — this is anything but mono music. While this may sort of preclude the effective use of these songs in the club, it makes for a pretty mind-bending headphone experience.

The eight songs on the artist’s latest release, Rituals/Habits, run the gamut from the west coast beats of “Slow B”, through more traditional house and techno rhythms, to the stuttering uptempo minimalism of my pick of the litter, “Drill N Base”. All of it is carefully sculpted and vibey stuff, and really listenable. The record is out now for streaming or grab it on bandcamp.

MIKRO.MONO – “Drill N Base” (sc)

MIKRO.MONO – “Slow B” (sc)


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