Mailbox: Troy Kurtz – Acid Rain

Los Angeles & Miami-based producer Troy Kurtz (who used to blog with our old compatriots at Gotta Dance Dirty, and now runs the Pulp Trax label) just released this steppy little number on Amtrac’s OPENERS label.

True to its title, it explores the acidic side of breakbeat 2-step, albeit seemingly with the lack of an actual 303, in favor of an oscillator with other characteristics (but still with enough squelch in the filter to be aceeeed). The bassline’s bite is balanced nicely with the constant spectre of evolving phantom chords and devolving glitchy ambience, and a recurring hollow snare for good measure–all of which pushes the track nicely into roots dub territory without making it feel overtly nostalgic. Solid stuff here.

The song doesn’t appear to be available for purchase on bandcamp yet, but it’s streamable on spotify and elsewhere.

Troy Kurtz – “Acid Rain” (sc)


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