Mailbox: Lyrah – Hold Me

Sometimes the simplest expressions of love are the most enduring. When my wife scratches my back without my asking, the way my dog looks at me inquisitively when he’s wondering if I’m ready to play, the texts I get from my oldest friend fearful of the latest impending world catastrophe, when my father-in-law makes sure we have the right coffee in the house when my mother-in-law is coming to visit.

Lyrah‘s “Hold Me” feels like it’s about two people waiting for the point when they can trust in those seemingly minor expressions of trust in one another. That point in a relationship when there’s already a real familiarity, and each is gently testing the other to feel them out a little more carefully than they bothered to initially. In and of itself, the song gets close to encapsulating the tenderness of a moment like that.

Lyrah – “Hold Me” (sc)


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