Mailbox: K-ORA – Do You Remember

Chicago-based artist K-ORA sent this over a few weeks ago — brooding melancholy ambient for rainy days like the one I’m experiencing right now. Brief enough to be to-the-point, a quality I generally find positive for ambient and drone — “Do You Remember” has plenty of textural detail to grip hold of, making it more than background listening. Not overly concerned with pleasance, but also without any painful dissonance, the song strikes a balance between mood-setting and active listening.

“Do You Remember” is out now as part of K-ORA’s Sphere 2020, a five-song EP that goes beyond the ambience of this song. Only on bandcamp. Definitely worth checking out the whole release if you like this one.

K-ORA – “Do You Remember” (bc)

PS. while this isn’t on Spotify, if you’re looking for a couple of good ambient playlists, check out our Ocean of Ambience and Drumless Rave Explorations lists.

image/ Alessio Trerotoli


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