Mailbox: Blame Your Genes – Ruins

Bratislava-based Blame Your Genes sent over this bit of infectious 2-step house the other day. As far as I know, not explicitly titled in reference to the war ongoing on Slovakia’s doorstep, its title ought still remind us of the ruin that continues to be left by Russian fire.

It’s hard to find light these days, but I am a firm believer that this kind of horror calls not just for reflection on the atrocities being committed, but also for allowing ourselves moments of joy. Neither should be ignored. While I reflect on the continued suffering of the Ukrainian people, this song brings me some joy today.

You can support Blame Your Genes by grabbing this on bandcamp. And remember to continue to donate to relief efforts in Ukraine; the war is ongoing.

Blame Your Genes – “Ruins” (sc)

image/ Vadim Ghirda


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