Mailbox: Ben Ohr – Rave on Almore

Ben Ohr is a 20-year-old Canadian producer who’s been sending me music for the past couple of months. His style is really tricky to pin down, which readers of this site know is a big plus for me. Given his youth, his volume of output has been really impressive–it seems like he’s got a new song every couple of weeks. The two songs I’ve selected today are fast; rhythmically, they’re probably best placed somewhere in the universe of juke, but that’s definitely not particularly descriptive. Notwithstanding their speed and emphasis on aligned triplet kick+bass hits, these are dreamy songs. Ohr wouldn’t be the first producer to make “dreamy juke” (is there some obscure subgenre tag I don’t know of yet?), but he’s doing so really effectively. One to watch for sure.

Out now for streaming, no bandcamp.

Ben Ohr – “RAVE On ALMORE” (sc)

Ben Ohr – “luv4” (sc)


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