Mailbox: Athlymn – Contextual Dub

As I’ve been resurrecting this old gal, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fact that I continue to get a lot of really high quality submissions. Even after only a few months of writing here again, I’m already a bit flooded. So I thought it would be a good idea to start a new feature that highlights some of the best submissions I receive in my mailbox. If you’d like to submit music, you can still reach me by the old methods, but if you want to make sure I manage to listen to your music, a better way to go is to reach out via Submithub, where I will listen to everything that gets sent my way.

To start things off, I recently received this song from Athlymn. With a sound that is both metropolitan and natural, it’s fitting that Athlymn turns out to be a British expat now living in the Catalonian mountains. This song nods at 90’s euphoric brain dance and lofi techno, while also maintaining a friendly and approachable sound of its own. It reminds me of being antsy to get outside the house without having anywhere particular to go. It would probably work just as well for those walks to the corner store as it would for taking a hike in the beech forests of el Hayedo de Jordá.

Athlymn’s other work flirts more with rave, breakbeat, and dub techno, but this is the one that grabbed me most. Have a listen to the rest of his catalog on bandcamp. He tells me he’s got new music coming out this summer, so keep an ear out for new things from him if you enjoyed this.

Athlymn – “Contextual Dub” (bc)


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