Flowerpetal V – Since

Continuing today’s hazy R&B theme is Flowerpetal V –real name Toya Ejike– a producer, songwriter, and vocalist from Atlanta. They describe their songwriting as an interchange between “melody and prose, [d]iving into a solemn inner expanse.” This is fitting; on “Since”, Ejike’s semi-monotone plays gently with the dulcet self-reflective tone of the lead melody.

The song has a familiar quality, while simultaneously fulfilling the refrain’s promise and take[ing] me by surprise. This sense of obscured familiarity is emphasized in the bridge, where Ejike’s cadence subtly references Aaliyah when she told us I’m not just anybody. Similarly, Flowerpetal V is not just anybody, they’re an artist with some real perspective, and someone for whom we should all keep a keen ear out.

“Since” is streaming now across the usual platforms, including on Spotify.

Flowerpetal V – “Since” (sc)


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