Fasme & Maelstrom – Lotus 48

Central Processing Unit embarks on its tenth year with a near-perfect four-tracker from Fasme and Maelstrom; both French. Though the release as a whole is firmly footed in the CPU aesthetic, the first song below evokes a touch of the naive romance of the best song CPU has ever put out, “Dance With Me” by the late Rhys Celeste (aka Microlith). The second song below is a gem too, particularly in its use of [over-]compression. That kick drum is almost inside-out. Buy the release on bandcamp, unfortunately we were all too slow for the 12″.

Fasme & Maelstrom – “Almond Blossom” (sc)

Fasme & Maelstrom – “Ciliae” (sc)

And because Fasme’s melodic ear seems to be especially in tune (or microtuned? I dunno, there’s a bad pun in there somewhere), here’s another recent one from him that also seems to have bottled some Microlith-inspired magic. Out recently on Feel My Bicep.

Fasme – “Coton” (sc)


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