A Path Untold – Spiritus

A Path Untold, real name Daniel Merrill, is an artist from a city in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

Merrill’s music fits well within the artistic the legacy of those mountains — like the work of their greatest champion, Ansel Adams, this is monochromatic, stark, and naturally beautiful stuff, with just a touch of melodrama. Stylistically, there’s some commonality with Scandinavia’s distinct branch of broken beat dub techno, but it’s got a bit of the spirit of manifest destiny that makes it much more American. There’s gold in them hills, and this is made of it.

Both songs are from A Path Untold’s latest long player, Sourcery, which is out now for streaming and on bandcamp. The whole album is gorgeous.

A Path Untold – “Spiritus” (sc)

A Path Untold – “Heart Matters” (sc)


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