Stefano Ritteri – Dope Mania

I keep playing catch up trying to cover the trajectories of former Palms Out favorites. I guess that’s what happens after a ten year hiatus. Stefano Ritteri used to make *idget house music as Solo, and we covered him several times. In the years since, his output has been largely focused on balearic, Italo, and cosmic disco styles. He’s behind the excellent Viaggio and Spaciale labels (the latter of which was wildly productive in 2020, somehow managing to avoid the worldwide vinyl production standstill).

This song is the title track on the Dope Mania 12″, released on Viaggio in 2019; it fits nicely in that little corner of music that blurs the lines between disco, old school New York-style electro and a first wave Frankie Knuckles record.

Stefano Ritteri – “Dope Mania” (sc)


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