Ross Fish – 8 Songs about Absolutely Nothing

Ross Fish says he’s not funny. He is though.

Ross Fish makes synthesizers and pedals and songs. He names his things after a WWII-era radio jamming eliminator that allowed Dutch citizens to listen to Radio Oranje broadcasts during the occupation.

These songs are from a tape he put out last year. He says the songs are about about absolutely nothing, but I read that to mean they’re probably about that something that’s really nothing; that thing that leaves you sitting, broken hearted.

Ross Fish – “VARIATION #2” (bc)

Ross Fish – “VARIATION #8” (bc)

Ross Fish – “VARIATION #3” (bc)

This tape is sold out, but it’s still available digitally, and he’s got other good tapes too.


Also listen to this 15-minute thing he did in 2016 on a split tape with Kyle Landstra on Oxtail Recordings. Some of the best music released by a fish ever.

Ross Fish – “Noodles” (bc)


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