Remix Sunday 156

From the future: this turned out to be the last Remix Sunday, but I didn’t intend for that at the time. It must’ve felt like it went out with a whisper. But even though it’s been ten years since I posted this, I’ve decided to start doing these again. I can’t promise how often, or when exactly I’ll start. And sure, the world has changed a lot since then, but I hope it might make a few of you out there smile. <3

Remix Sunday 156 Zipped Up. (127mb zip) password: palmsout

When Saint Go Machine – “Fail Forever” (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Amerie – “1 Thing” (French Fries Remix)
CREEP – “Days” (Deadboy Remix)
Gucci Mane – “Dollar Sign” (Duke Dumont Remix)
Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne – “Motivation” (Diplo Remix)
Mustang – “Dick Reverse” (Canblaster & Sam Tiba Remix)
Gucci Mane – “O Dog (ft. Wyclef)” (Mosca Remix ft. Trigga Nom)
Rihanna – “What’s My Name” (Brenmar Remix)
Usher & Nicki Minaj – “Little Freak” (Savage Skulls & Douster Remix ft. Marcus Price)
Katy B – “Lights On” (Lao Guarachero Edit)
Melé – “Trappin’” (Contakt Remix)
She Wants Revenge – “Take The World” (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
Cassie – “Addiction” (Altered Natives’ TLA Dub)
Savage Skulls – “Caravan” (Jacques Greene Remix)

image/ Olav Christopher Jenssen


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