DJ Orion – Animus

Thank the god for the internet. Now that we can ustream basement grime parties in Shoreditch from the comfort of our New York apartments, find Shangaan electro music videos on youtube, and get ahold of fresh cumbia techno records made by adolescent boys at the moment they drop in Monterrey, there’s not a lot of real detective work left to be done for most DJs. Borders between genres of dance music blur as the auras of provinciality deteriorate with exposure, and classifications like “global bass” and “tropical” are being taken seriously, for better or for worse. As a DJ, one way to respond to this chaos is to take a purist attitude: to let juke be juke and reggaeton be reggaeton, even though that Tego Calderon track would sound really sweet with triplet toms and an 808 hi-hat roll. The other way to go is to just surf the post-modern wave into the hyperreal, slapping whatever sounds god together and hoping things turn out alright in the end. That’s what DJ Orion has been doing for a while now. His new Animus EP cuts up 3ball guarachero and splices it together with brostep standards and some Nola bounce for good measure. You’ll either adore this or hate it. If you like it, check out Orion’s bmore/cumbia record Carajo Colombia too.


Dj Orion & Big Freedia – “Get Back” (Orion Guarachero Edit) (mp3)

16 Bit vs. Dj Leo – “Jump Guarachero” (Orion Guarachero Edit) (mp3)

Magnetic Man – “Mad” (Orion Guarachero Edit) (mp3)

Borgore / Toadally Crossed Out / Rusko – “Woo Boost” (Orion Guarachero Edit) (mp3)

Bar 9 vs. Jorge Veliz – “El Gordo Shaolin” (Orion Guarachero Edit) (mp3)


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