Electric Sea Spider – Tumbleweed

Everyone has their own take on how the independent music industry (if that’s even an appropriate term anymore) is going to sustain itself in this new decade. Some people say artists will make most of their money touring. Some people claim they can continue to support themselves with record sales (most of those people aren’t artists). Up-and-comings leak their records first, let the internet media dust settle, and then take them to the distributors. And then there are those reckless few who just release everything for free and feed their empty bellies with blog love and compliments. They may be lying on cots in their mothers’ basements like 19th century Russian consumptives, smoking Top tobacco and smiling into the pallid glow of their Macbooks. Jim Sellars, the young Australian behind Electric Sea Spider, is one of those people (except for that last part, I’m just speculating). has taken the producer away from the reverbed emotional lethargy of The Thief (2009) and the trippy ambiance of Fear God Fear Satan (2008) and In Lucid Dreams (2009), toward a more shuffled post-Dilla stumble that could be compared to the likes of Baths and Slumgullion.

Electric Sea Spider – “Tumbleweed” (bc)

Download the record for free on bandcamp.

From the future: as far as I can tell, Sellars continues to make music as Electric Sea Spider, but he’s also been making some extremely captivating music as Yunzero.


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