I remember having an obsession with Niyi’s few rap tunes just after his club night was the first to be labeled “New Rave”, his best friend started clothing label ‘Cassette Playa’, and his former schoolmate M.I.A. had first uploaded her video for ‘Galang’ to the internet. High ranking royalty in London underground art for over half a decade now, Niyi has finally put out a new single, and finished a full length album set for an early 2009 release. Seemingly inspired by weighted global issues as much as drunk banter, new Niyi ate up everything pop, indie, and rap… and threw up funny colors.

Niyi – “808 Klap” (mp3)

Niyi – “Amelia” (mp3)

From the future: Anyone know what Niyi’s up to now? I can’t find anything recent about him.


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