Mehdi, umm… Rare

This is how he’s described on his myspace page:

DJ Mehdi gets so cosmic with the synths that it’s as if you’ve woken up in an alternative 1983, where Thatchers rule has been replaced by that of benevolent aliens.

His upcoming album, Lucky Boy, is magnificent. It’s my first real taste of a smoother side of the french-touch revolution, besides maybe the Justice & Simian track – which is apparently closer to what Justice’s album will sound like. I guess all the distortion is already played out, huh? Mehdi has been making hiphop in Paris for the last 10 years with the likes of MC Solaar, Ahkenaton, K-Os, and Lil’ Dap of Group Home, and he’s been part of this current Parisian electro scene since its beginnings. He also runs the small label Espionnage, but is releasing his album through international favorites, Ed Banger. Enough explaining already, this shit speaks for itself.

DJ Medhi – “Lucky Boy” ft. Fafi (sc)

DJ Mehdi – “Leave It Alone” (sc)

DJ Mehdi – “Busy Being Born” (sc)

DJ Mehdi – “Boggin” (sc)

From the future: Sadly, DJ Mehdi died on September 13, 2011. He left a gaping hole in the French music world, and no doubt in the lives of his loved ones.


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